Hormonal Bliss

Phase Two

Balance your hormones & build resilience

Hormones dramatically affect how we feel on a daily basis. An overwhelmed detox system, chronically burned out stress response, and depleted hormone levels can result in irritability, anxiety, mood swings, and chronic fatigue (feeling “blah”).

If our symphony of hormones is not carefully orchestrated, hormonal health problems, such as insulin resistance, PCOS, PMDD, and fertility challenges, may arise. Unfortunately, the most common medical solution for these problems is birth control, which might temporarily improve symptoms, but can, in fact, make things worse. Some birth control carry a black box warning and all birth control have unwanted side effects.

Imagine if you could feel even-keeled and energized as you flow through ovulation and your menstrual cycle each month. Heavy periods, breast pain, severe food cravings, and PMS are not normal. By taking a total health approach that addresses your genetic influences, diet, lifestyle, stress and environmental triggers, you can restore hormonal harmony.

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms





Mood swings,
& anxiety

Sex Drive



This phase focuses on:

  • optimizing liver detoxification
  • restoring sleep quality
  • building resilience to stress
  • balancing your blood sugar & insulin levels
  • adjusting diet & lifestyle to optimize your genes

Typical Timeline

Month 1

  • complete testing to assess hormones, nutrients, and genetics
  • optimize metabolic liver detox pathways and harmonize estrogen and progesterone through personalized food and supplement plan.

Month 2

  • balance blood sugar through flexible food choices and intuitive eating practices
  • eliminate environmental factors that interfere with hormonal balance

Month 3

  • improve stress resilience
  • continue to modify your plan accordingly

Kind Words

Thanks again Audrey for all your expert advice and wisdom in unraveling the mysteries of my body. I went from feeling weak and having a ton of brain fog to feeling more focused and stronger. This new supplement regimen and diet has had a significant effect on me. I am feeling great!