Nutrition Club

We created our Nutrition Club for women as an outlet to connect with other women who also want to learn more about nutrition, prefer alternative healing, and find support in groups. Research shows that social connection is healing.  We have also found it extremely beneficial to surround our clients with others who are working towards the same goals.

Clients actively participating in our phase 1 through phase 4 programs are automatically added to our nutrition club because we encourage immersion into learning, sharing (or sitting back and listening), and getting the support you need to remain committed to making health changes.

After you are finished with any of our programs, you have the option to continue your Nutrition Club membership and maintain these benefits at a monthly rate of $75.00.

If you are not a client of our practice, but are interested in joining our nutrition club, let us know!

Club benefits:

  •  Unlimited chatting with one of our dietitians (Audrey Fleck or Alexis Desrosiers) through our portal (accessible via app on your phone or via computer) for access to ask unlimited personal questions and receive continued diet and lifestyle coaching and support
  • Monthly body composition testing via our InBody 570 machine (valued at $55.00 per test).  This is the porsche of body composition testing! We are so excited to offer this to our clients to encourage assessing your health NOT by how much you weigh, but by focusing on your body fat percentage and fat/lean body mass balance.
  • Bi-monthly in-person group meetings at our office located at 101 N. 5th St. in Perkasie, PA. (more details below)
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Access and  20% off professional grade supplements through our dispensary.

Nutrition Club Meetings for the last quarter of 2019:

Meetings begin at 6:30pm and will last approximately 1 hour.
Meeting structure:  We will gather over a cup of tea, discuss the evening’s topic, and close with a motivating meditation.

October 1:  Cold & Flu Arsenal
Learn about what you can do to prevent getting sick this season. You will receive our protocols for boosting your immune system preventatively and at the onset of sickness. 

October 16:  A Deeper Look at How You Look At Yourself
Explore where negative self talk and thoughts about your body are rooted to transform your mind and attract who you would like to become. 

November 5:  A Review of Carbs, Proteins, and Fats – How do they all fit?
Build a healthy foundation to your eating through balancing eating. We will explore these three macronutrients and how they fit into a healthy diet. 

November 20:  Honoring Your Body While Eating Through The Holidays +  Fall Recipe Exchange
Reduce holiday eating angst with mindful eating strategies that will help you honor your body while enjoying your food and company. 

December 3:  Building a Balanced Life: Your Root
Explore how feeling grounded, secure, and balanced intertwines with your ancestry/family, eating, lifestyle choices, and body.

December 18:  Achieving (insert desired feeling) in 2020 + Healthy Cookie Exchange
The end of the year can feel very messy for people — time off work, more social gatherings and eating, followed by societal influences to make the New Year, a new you too. We will discuss a positive approach to help you close your year and begin a new one with the goal of achieving a desired “feeling” next year.

Starting October 2019!


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