What We Do

Client-Dietitian Partnership

Our mission is to help you resolve your health complaints completely. It’s a challenge, but that makes what we do even more rewarding.  We have seen the proven effects that working closely with our clients increases the chances of reaching their health goals.  All of our clients are successful, but the level of success is determined by how much effort is put in by both parties. We ensure that we do our part and help at every step of the way.  We encourage our clients to do their part by staying committed and putting their plan into action as best as they can.

Team Approach

Two heads are greater than one.  Clients of Functional Origins benefit from a team approach wherein we work collaboratively on each case to help accomplish your health goals.

Functional Nutrition is the ‘Non-Band Aid Approach’ to Healing

We are “root healers.”  Compare your symptoms to leaves on a tree. If you really want to fix the health problem of the tree, you don’t focus on the leaves, but rather on the complex system of roots that lay hidden underground. In functional nutrition, we address the body as a whole. We use the latest testing to unravel the mystery of what is causing your symptoms, and then use an integrative approach for healing which includes diet, lifestyle, botanical medicine, environmental inputs, stress management techniques and more.


Covering All the Bases

When it comes to autoimmunity, gastrointestinal health, and balancing hormones, are you covering all of the bases?   Here is a preview of our approach towards optimal health so you get an idea of what we are all about.  We allow ample amount of time to address and work through these major root systems in the body that are connected to disease manifestation. Our programs are all-inclusive and personalized for you.


Phase 1: Clean The Slate Adopt a fresh approach to eating by looking at what your body truly needs and not what the latest diet fads are!

  • Over the course of 9 weeks, we will gradually makeover your diet with healthier food that brings vitality and wellness to your body.
  • Processed foods and ingredients that can negatively influence health will be weeded out of your diet. Don’t worry, we will help with finding healthier alternatives.
  • After improving  the quality of your diet, you will learn about the quantity of food your body really needs daily.  Stop over- or under-eating. (Psst!.. in our experience people undereat wayyyy more than overeat)
  • Finally, you will learn how to achieve optimal energy through eating by balancing your meals with the right intake between carbs, proteins, and fats.
  • Because eating real food can take some time and prep work, we will help you excel at meal planning and prepping (some) food ahead of time to make life easier, more enjoyable, and you more energized.

Phase 2: It Starts in the Gut The gut houses the largest area of immune tissue in the body. Healing starts in the gut!

  • First we’ll get to the root of your symptoms by taking a deeper look at your gut health through a specialized stool test.
  • Then, over 8-12 weeks, you will learn how to eat to heal and rejuvenate your gut through the Functional Origins’ Gut Nourishment Diet.  We can help with recipes, menus, and meal planning. Anyone can do it because we are there at every step of the way!
  • During this time, supplements are usually chosen based on your stool report and may include products like probiotics, herbs that help remove pathogens, and healing nutrients as needed. We do not recommend any supplement without a true need shown on your report. We take a “food first” approach and will only use supplements when therapeutically needed.
  • We like to partner with your physician and/or gastroenterologist to make sure you are getting the best care possible. If you are in need of a good, receptive doctor, we can refer you to one.

Phase 3: Love Your Liver Research shows there is a clear link between toxins and chronic diseases. Your body's toxic burden may be a contributing factor to your chronic health issues.

  • We believe in giving your liver some extra attention at least twice a year since it works extra hard in our modern day, unfortunately, toxic world.
  • Over four weeks, we will teach you a four step process that you can incorporate into your life one to two times a year to prevent disease and lessen your body’s toxic burden.
    1. Assess what foods and nutrients your body requires more of to be at optimal levels based on lab work.
    2. Consume more foods that “talk” to your liver to push detox pathways more sufficiently.
    3.  Start to consider environmental factors that impact how food is grown and livestock is raised, and how that effects you.
    4. Discover how to live a cleaner life through minimizing your exposures to harmful chemicals. We will cover everything from beauty and skin care products, to cleaning products, and other daily chemical exposures that burden the body.

Phase 4: Happiness through Hormones Hormones directly influence how well we mentally, emotionally, and physically feel. When balanced, it's bliss!

  • We don’t save the best topic for last on purpose. If you truly want to balance your hormones, you don’t start looking directly at hormones, but at the areas that underlie hormonal imbalances first.  Many people experience hormonal improvements by simply changing their diet, healing their gut, and supporting their liver.
  • In this phase, we reveal how well your hormones are doing through hormonal testing.  We will then modify your diet and lifestyle in order to achieve ‘hormonal happiness.’