Personalized nutrition programs to restore your radiance from the inside out.

Experience the power of using food as medicine to heal your gut, balance your hormones, and boost your confidence. As a Registered and Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist, I will level up your health by getting to the root of symptoms like:

  • Inconsistent bowel movements
  • Physical & mental fatigue
  • Feeling undernourished
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Breast & period pain
  • Irregular periods
  • Bloating and gas
  • PMDD

A Unique Approach

I help women eliminate digestive struggles, exhaustion, pain, and PMS through a brain-gut-hormone centered approach that restores their radiance from the inside out.

We’ll start by uncovering the nutritional roots of your struggles and guide you through a bespoke treatment plan that uses food as a tool to optimize and balance your health.

3 Phases to a Better You

My proven methodology is a 3 phase process that addresses all of the common causes of gut and hormonal imbalances in most women. Unlike some functional health practitioners who run a bunch of tests without much follow through, my approach is strategic, simplified, and supportive to cover all of the bases without the overwhelm.


It Starts in the Gut


A healthy gut is the key to solving digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, and unwanted weight gain. It’s a jumpstart towards finally balancing your hormones.

Hormonal Bliss


Imagine if you could feel even-keeled and energized as you flow through ovulation and your menstrual cycle each month. Heavy periods, breast pain, severe food cravings, and PMS are not normal. By taking a total health approach that addresses your genetic influences, diet, lifestyle, stress and environmental triggers, you can restore hormonal harmony.

Metabolic Tune-up


The human body depends on nutrients to function. Nutrient deficiencies are a common result of chronic stress, poor digestion, and inflammation. We’ll test your nutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals, amino acids) and personalize a plan to promote thriving, instead of just surviving.  

Kind Words

Audrey took the time to truly listen to how I was feeling and the symptoms I was experiencing. For years I was convinced that what I was going through was not “normal”, but no one was ever able to pinpoint why I was feeling that way. Just within the first month of working with Audrey, I felt my body stabilizing. Audrey has been a tremendous partner in this process and I highly recommend her!