Success Stories

I came to Audrey when I was about 19 years old. I was curious about wellness and frustrated with how I felt—I constantly had a “pregnant” looking belly and my emotions were a wild roller coaster ride of highs and deep lows. I thought I was doing everything I could to be healthy, which was super frustrating being that I still felt awful. But when Audrey started working with me, I began to notice what my body was capable of. And that’s what I really appreciate about Audrey—she coaches you and provides you with a clearer understanding of what is going on inside, enabling you to pin point the triggers and help your body do what it was meant to do! 


In early 2020 I encountered some unexplained medical issues that led to many visits with numerous doctor and continuous testing without any clear answers or resolution.  After I began working with Audrey I received a SIBO diagnosis.  Audrey played a key/primary role in helping to make this diagnosis as well as establishing a plan of action.   She educated me on my options, made recommendations, implemented a care plan and adjusted as needed throughout the process as my symptoms and needs were constantly evolving.

The time and treatment that I received from Audrey were something I did not find anywhere else throughout this process with any other medical professional.  Audrey was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of becoming pregnant.  I look forward to working with her again after my pregnancy to rebalance my hormones and adjust my treatment as needed.


I began working with Audrey in 2021 and so glad I did as she really helped me on my healing path. I suffer from many digestive/gut issues and since working with Audrey I seen major improvements in 6 months. I retested at about 6 months and almost all my results showed significant improvement.                      

 I learned so much while working with Audrey and gained much more of an awareness regarding my poor dietary choices and lack of nutrients I was getting. I didn’t realize how much I was neglecting my health and self-care.  She provided me with many alternative food options that were dairy and gluten free to help with my food sensitivities. Audrey has given me the knowledge, awareness and tools to help me along the way so that I can feel much better! 

I had many questions but I found Audrey to always be patient and would always answer all my questions in a reasonable amount of time. She provides very detailed and thorough information. She has taught me so much that now I have more of an awareness when making food choices along with getting proper vitamins and supplements I need. Audrey is encouraging and non-judgmental which helped me get back on track. 

I never had any issues with my appointments and I like the flexibility offered such as in person or virtual appointments available. Audrey will accommodate you and work with your schedule. So for anyone who is looking to improve their health I highly recommend Audrey for your healing journey!  JENNIFER

I’ve always been pretty health-conscious with what I eat, trying to make sure I have a well-balanced diet. However, over the last 10 or so years, I’ve had various GI issues that I could never seem to figure out, and it seemed to get even worse over the last 2 years. Additionally, I seemed to be gaining weight no matter how healthy I ate, and it was discouraging not understanding what I was doing wrong. There are so many opinions online about what people should eat or not eat and the level of activity that was necessary to be considered “healthy”, and I knew I needed one person to help me work with my body and my specific issues to get me on the right track.

Within weeks after starting Audrey’s program, I noticed significant improvements. My GI issues were the most important thing for me to fix, and it’s almost like they never existed. I also started sleeping better, which was an unexpected surprise. One of the things that really helps me with diet and nutrition is understanding the science behind everything, and Audrey is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with any of the questions I’ve asked. She’s helped provide many great recipes that fit my nutrition plan, and I’m continuing to see positive results. I’m very grateful for the new habits she has helped me to create and the new mindset that will help me through my health journey.


Audrey took the time to understand my whole self – not just my physical health. She advised me on overall wellness, providing guidance on reducing environmental toxins, using specific techniques to manage stress and eating to fuel my body. I went from being sick just about every week in the winter to barely getting sick. I was able to wean myself off meds, have more energy and sleep better than ever before. Thank you, Audrey!


Audrey has helped me gain some major progress on my health. She thoroughly listens and cares so much about her clients. She is very knowledgeable and always eager to help find solutions for your concerns. The biggest win I had with Audrey’s help was the return of my period, which I had lost for over a year post birth control. I would recommend her if you are struggling with your gut and/or hormonal health. 


I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Audrey late 2021 and into the first half of 2022. 

I have had chronic gastroenterology-related issues for about 7 years now and I’ve never seen so much dedication and care put into a treatment plan with any of the other providers I’ve seen in the way there Audrey cares about her clients. 

She takes the time to truly get to know her clients, what their needs are and how she can best assist them. We obviously reviewed my medical history which is important but we also focused on mental health and getting a balanced hormonal system- 2 things I think are severely overlooked in conventional medicine. We analyzed my current routine, how much sleep I get, what activities I do to relieve stress, journaling my thoughts down, etc. to really dive into how those factors were affecting me and what we could do to help me achieve a more stable level of managing it all. Things I would’ve never thought of we highlighted and focused on and it really showed me how much Audrey cares about helping her patients. 

She is dedicated to helping each person as an individual, this isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to fixing things. And I really appreciate that because every person is unique. 

The supplement plan she created for me was super helpful because it allowed me to have a clear-cut plan/path forward to follow that was already established, rather than me just running to the store to buy a bunch of supplements on my own and not knowing what to do with them. 

She plans it all out in a way that makes it as easy as possible and will work with you to help you manage it all so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. 

I’d like to say a big thanks to Audrey for everything that she did for me and I certainly feel so much better than I did before starting her program. I’ve noticed many improvements in how my body has responded to the dietary changes and significant change in my hormonal health as well. 

It was truly my pleasure to work with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Audrey for everything that you have done for me! 


After years of vague complaints including generalized pain, fatigue, bloating, hormone swings, irritable bowel and a 5 year cycle of gaining and losing the same 20 pounds, a doctor recommended Audrey to me for a thorough work-up.  Prior to seeing Audrey I thought I had every inflammation and general fatigue lab done and never found anything wrong.  I’d been to pulmonary and ENT for fatigue, GI for reflux, ortho and rheumatology for pain, and acupuncture and gyn for hormone mood swings and weight gains.  It wasn’t until I saw Audrey that I had the most comprehensive tests done including bloodwork, stool studies, urine and saliva studies.  We began by treating various GI problems with supplements and diet changes and cleaning up my gut health and it wasn’t long before I realized that I’d been living in a state of abnormal bowel patterns and (to be honest) room-clearing gas with pain that I thought was normal.  It wasn’t until they were gone that I realized I constantly felt bad and what it was like to feel good!

I also began nutritional counseling that helped me to realize and admit that I had a terrible relationship with diet and food as well as very unhealthy disordered eating patterns.  I learned about eating using the plate method and have given up all calorie and macro counting and food journaling that was overrunning my life.  Aside from nutrition we also cover sleep patterns and stress reductions.

Since healing the gut we have began to find micronutrient deficiencies and are awaiting hormone tests so we can move forward to continue my journey to good health, both mentally and physically.  

I think the true test of feeling better is returning from vacation without the usual week of bloating, constipation, heartburn, and general malaise because I continued to follow my daily supplement regiment and concentrated on feeding myself well while still indulging and enjoying time with my family.

Audrey truly is the most thorough and comprehensive practitioner I’ve ever dealt with, all in one place!! I highly recommend going to her before exhausting yourself at all other disciplines.  


I can’t say enough about how Audrey has helped me in my journey to better health.  It was truly life changing. I felt like doctor’s weren’t listening when I talked about my gut issues.  Their answers were to put me on a medication or just tell me I had a “slow bowel”.  Mornings were my worse time which made it hard to leave the house until I had multiple bowel movements.  I loved Audrey’s whole body approach and how she listened to what I was saying.  She is very easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable talking about any health issue.  She is extremely knowledgeable and gives her clients tons of good information.  I would and have highly recommended Audrey’s practice.


After many years of digestive issues and seeing different doctors, nutritionists,
and trying various holistic approaches, I was referred to Audrey. In just one year of
working with Audrey, my symptoms have greatly improved. Audrey has also found the
root cause of my problems, which is key to improving your health and healing your gut.
Audrey is kind, compassionate, and filled with a wealth of knowledge. I highly
recommend her!!


I started working with Audrey about 2 years ago related to stomach issues – bloating,

soreness, and nausea. Audrey worked at figuring out my food sensitivities and intolerances, and I started feeling better after I cut out a number of foods. She helped me do an elimination diet, and then with some tests as supportive evidence, I am slowly

adding back foods that I had eliminated. I still run into foods that I react to, but now I know how to adjust to these situations. Audrey is deeply knowledgeable and listens closely to my input. She cares about my success and has a wealth of resources at her hands. Several months ago, she started testing me with her InBody machine, and discovered that although I have been losing weight slowly, I have been losing muscle mass and gaining fat. She is helping me to reverse that direction now too. I can highly recommend Audrey if you need help in getting your gut back into balance, and learning the basics of a healthy meal plan!