Hybrid cohort

Do bloating and digestive issues dictate your relationship with food and body comfort?

Do you often get annoyed at yourself because you’re aware that altering your diet could significantly transform how you feel, but you find it challenging to stay motivated and on course?

Ready to embark on a brain-gut transformation that will fully support you so you can kick anxiety and depression out of your mind and get rid of those gut issues for good?

Discover the perfect solution with my hybrid cohort!

Combining personalized nutrition with group healing, this 12-week journey incorporates It Starts in the Gut®, my online “blueprint” empowering you with tools to completely transform your diet, and lifestyle. Say goodbye to digestive issues, reduce anxiety, and boost your mood and energy.

What’s Included


Your journey kicks off with the Share Your Story appointment, where I’ll create a personalized nutrition and supplement plan tailored to your unique needs, complementing your progress through It Starts in the Gut®. To ensure accountability, we’ll have three 30-minute check-in sessions over the 12 weeks.

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Every week, we’ll hop on Zoom as a group for our Q&A session, centered around the It Starts in the Gut® course. We’ll dive into discussions and make sure all your questions are covered. You get to submit questions ahead of time and can ask anything! All meetings are recorded in case you can’t make each one. Plus, you will have access to our private forum on your portal.


You have the option to log your food and receive weekly feedback from me. Additionally, I’ll reach out to you weekly via text through my portal to check in on your progress towards your goals and see if you need any additional support.

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Throughout the program, you have the option to enrich your experience by choosing a lab test bundle. This enables us to delve deeper into uncovering your root causes and integrating a personalized approach into your nutritional journey. Each bundle includes a lab test, a consultation with me, and a tailored plan designed just for you.

1:1 Personalized Program

Ready to accelerate your wellness journey? Dive into the 1:1 Personalized Program, your customized path to vibrant health!

Hybrid Cohort

Get ready for something awesome! Dive into a one-of-a-kind mix of personalized guidance and support, surrounded by an amazing group of women all geared up for this wellness journey together. You’ll have curated materials, regular check-ins, and a lively community to make your wellness adventure truly enriching.

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Group Q&A Zoom Callsstar icon
1:1 Sessions with Audreystar icon
1 Initial Nutrition Assessment
3 Accountability Check-ins
Specialized Testing(option to upgrade)
Professional Supplement Discount15%
Access to private communitystar icon
Total Price$996.00
4 payments of $249

Registration for APRIL 2024 cohort is open until april 12!

Space is limited! Registration will close when all spots are filled!

*Note: Our cohort only opens its doors 3-4 times a year, and we keep it cozy with limited spots. If now is not the time for you, join the waitlist to grab your spot when the next registration kicks off!

30 Day Money-Back GUARANTEE!

I like making people happy. If you are not satisfied with the content or quality of the course, feel free to contact me and request a partial refund.

Enroll Today & Receive These Additional Resources!

gut microbiome + antibiotics Protocol

Restore balance to your gut microbiome if you are prescribed antibiotics.

Travel-Induced Constipation Protocol

Implement a plan before your next trip to keep your bowels moving while you’re on the go.

freedom from acid blockers protocol

How to safely get off acid-blocking medications (with your doctor’s approval) and get on a plan that addresses the root cause.

how your gut impacts your hormones

Find out why your gut plays a pivotal role in keeping your hormones balanced.



Through the It Starts in the Gut® content, I’ll introduce you to the specific labs I use in my practice. I’ll offer recommendations on which tests to consider and the optimal timing for completing them. You will also have plenty of opportunity to ask me for what tests I’d recommend prioritizing for you. For more details on lab tests, please visit the Testing page.

where are the 1:1 check-in sessions? do you meet virtually?

You can schedule your initial “Share Your Story” appointment either in person at my Perkasie, PA office, or virtually via phone or video calls. For your check-in appointments, which are designed to be flexible and shorter, you have the option to meet over the phone or virtually to better accommodate your schedule.

When will i have my 1:1 Check-in sessions with audrey?

Upon enrollment in the Hybrid program, you will be able to self-schedule your initial one-on-one session with me through my portal. I suggest arranging this meeting early in the course to enable me to understand your needs better and conduct a comprehensive nutritional assessment, guiding you effectively throughout your four-month journey with the It Starts in the Gut® course.

During your initial nutritional assessment, we will schedule your three 30-minute check-in sessions, aiming for one session every 4 weeks (one during each month of your program). Please note that any unused appointments will expire after 4 months from your date of registration.

How much time will i need to be successful in completing It Starts in the Gut® Hybrid cohort?

Plan for 60 minutes every week to attend our group meetings and an additional 60 minutes to journey through the It Starts in the Gut® content. Individual sessions with Audrey can be scheduled conveniently during a time that works in your schedule.

It Starts in the Gut® success stories

Audrey truly is the most thorough and comprehensive practitioner I’ve ever dealt with, all in one place!! I highly recommend going to her before exhausting yourself at all other disciplines.   


 Audrey is deeply knowledgeable and listens closely to my input. She cares about my success and has a wealth of resources at her hands. I can highly recommend Audrey if you need help in getting your gut back into balance, and learning the basics of a healthy meal plan!


I’ve noticed many improvements in how my body has responded to the dietary changes and significant change in my hormonal health as well. It was truly my pleasure to work with Audrey and I would highly recommend her to anyone.