Specialized Testing

Why guess, when you can test?


Specialized functional testing is a tool I use in my practice to pinpoint what the root cause of your complaints are so that your nutrition therapy will be highly personalized, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE.

This is a menu of my favorite, and most helpful, tests I utilize!


I use intracellular micronutrient testing, which measures nutrients inside of your cells at the tissue level where most are needed for optimal health, along with extracellular nutrients (blood levels).  A total of 32 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants are measured. This is a better indicator of nutrient status than routine serum blood work.

I personally use this test 1-2 times per year to tailor my diet and supplement regimen according to what my body needs rather than guessing. 

Thyroid & Sex Hormone

Hormones are everything! If they aren’t balanced, we don’t feel like our best selves.  From energy levels and healthy weight, to feeling mentally clear and happy, to sleeping through the night, and that good old sex drive …there is a constellation of hormones that work to orchestrate all of these functions!

Specialty Stool

It has become widely accepted and supported by research that our gut bacteria housed within our intestines plays a role in the development of disease and can even influence our mood and weight.  The GI-MAP stool test will tell you if you are growing enough good bacteria, and can identify parasites, opportunistic bacteria, yeast/fungi and H. pylori. It also provides feedback on intestinal health by looking at markers for digestion, inflammation, and the gut immune response.

Organic Acids Testing

Organic acids testing (OATs) are the chemical byproducts of our metabolism and can be measured via urine. I leave OAT testing in my third phase because it helps us observe the big picture of health and help us “catch” anything that other tests have not pointed us to. Information about vitamin and mineral status, mitochondrial function, neurotransmitter balance, detoxification capacity, and gut health can all be interpreted from your OAT results.

Gluten Sensitivity
& Leaky Gut

Gluten has an effect on the lining of the intestine in all people.  Your body can create antibodies against gluten and wheat which can indicate a sensitivity or allergy.  Your body can also develop an autoimmune reaction to gluten, which we know as celiac disease.  If you are tired of guessing if you have a gluten or wheat problem and want to really know if you have leaky gut, this is the test for you.


Your adrenal glands produce cortisol as a result of stress or inflammation. This is a process that involves the hypothalamus (H) and pituitary gland (P) located in the brain, and the adrenal glands (A) located above each kidney. We refer to this as the HPA Axis.  I use a 4-spot urine test, which is much more conclusive than blood cortisol and saliva testing.  I not only look for free cortisol levels, but total cortisol production (there is a difference!).

Food Sensitivity

If elimination diets are not your thing, or you have tried them and have found no relief, you may want to consider food sensitivity testing.  I use a test that measures if your body is producing an inflammatory response to a particular food.  Test panel options include individual foods, additives, colorings,  medicinal herbs, chemical substances (such as environmental, chemical, and pharmaceutical), and molds.

Kind Words

Audrey was able to help me identify some issues that were giving me discomfort on a daily basis through some testing she is able to run. She encouraged me to seek additional testing for confirming the issues we were treating and was able to walk me through our treatment plan and follow up to see how it was going. The reason I went to Audrey was to identify my root cause of issues and fix them from the inside out verses just medicating a symptom.