Body Composition Testing

InBody Testing

Body weight is just a number. It doesn’t really tell us much about your health.  Body composition is more beneficial to look at since the amount of fat and muscle on your body is more indicative of your health status.

I use the InBody 570 machine which gives us a picture of your fat mass, lean body mass, hydration, and goes even deeper in detail giving us the actual amount of pounds of fat and muscle located in each arm, leg, and your trunk.  My scale also measures visceral fat, fat that is deeper in the abdomen and linked to increased risks for heart disease, diabetes, and cancers.

BMI out, body fat percentage in

Tired of eating right, exercising and still not seeing changes in your weight? Tracking your progress using the InBody 570 machine, we’ll be able to personalize a plan that is targeted to address inflammatory fat and fat loss. Also, if you’re looking to gain muscle, this can also validate your hard work towards putting muscle on.

How does it work?


The InBody 570 machine performs advanced body composition analysis using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) in less than a minute.  BIA sends low-level alternating electrical currents through the human body to measure impedance, which is used to derive body water, fat-free mass, and fat mass.

The electrical current is harmless to the body and has passed medical system’s authorization in the U.S., Korea, and Europe.  

The InBody 570 is different than other BIA machines because it measures all 5 cylinders of the body: the trunk, right arm, left arm, right leg, and left leg.  Most machines only test two cylinders such as hand-held devices, which only measure arms. 

Many that measure the whole body only measure one arm and leg and estimate the rest of the body.  To get the most accurate results, the InBody measures all 5 segments of your body directly and separately.

The InBody can also measure intracellular (inside cells) and extracellular (outside cells) fluid status to obtain information to help track swelling, inflammation, dehydration, and other health concerns.

The InBody is not recommended for anyone with implanted defibrillators or pacemakers. Pregnant women have been tested for their nutritional status and water balance, but due to water content, results should not be interpreted as accurate.

Kind Words

When I began seeing Audrey, I was a bit skeptical, but willing to try anything and the results have been incredible! I have more energy, am more alert, have less debilitating days and I’m able to hold a part-time job! You will thank yourself for making this investment in your health.