It starts in the Gut

Heal your gut & boost detoxification

Good health starts in the gut. Most health problems can be tied back to the complex interactions between our microbiome, brain, and hormones, as well as digestive, nervous and immune systems. A healthy gut is the key to solving digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, unwanted weight gain, and can jumpstart you towards finally balancing your hormones.

Surprising Connections


Improving gut health has been shown to alleviate the occurrences and development of anxiety and depression.


There is an interplay between gut dysbiosis and the breakdown of immune tolerances which may lead to the development of Hashimoto’s.


Multiple factors such as leaky gut, gut dysbiosis, inflammation, genetics, and altered brain-gut interactions play a role in the development of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)


Chronic inflammation caused by gut flora imbalance and leaky gut may result in the development of endometriosis, and PCOS.

Gut dysbiosis can lead to altered ovarian function which can result in infertility in some females.


This pillar focuses on:

  • renewing the lining of the gut
  • boosting metabolic liver detoxification
  • optimizing digestive function
  • laying the foundation for an anti-inflammatory diet
  • removing pathogens and replenishing good bacteria
  • strengthening vagal nerve to improve gut and mental health

Kind Words

I worked with Audrey to improve my gut health to address a variety of issues that we believed stemmed from gut related issues. Audrey was kind, compassionate, and nonjudgmental through the entire process. She has a wealth of knowledge that she shared with me throughout the process that I now can utilize throughout the rest of my life. I am incredibly grateful to her for helping me find success when everyone else had no answers for me. I highly recommend working with Audrey!