Fully Personalized

Have you been told that all your lab results are normal, yet you continue to experience fatigue, irregular menstrual cycles, and PMS symptoms that make you feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde every two weeks?

Perhaps you’ve finally managed to secure an appointment with a GI doctor only to be told that there’s nothing “wrong” with you, even though you feel far from your best.

Battling bloating and digestive issues can significantly impact your mental well-being and how you perceive your body, often hindering you from fully enjoying life.

With my Personalized Program, I utilize real data obtained from comprehensive lab testing to craft tailored nutrition and lifestyle plans that will help you rediscover your inner vitality. This personalized approach is designed to address your gut issues, boost your energy, mood, metabolism, and more, so you can shine from within and regain your overall well-being.

Your Complete Guide to a Customized, Safe, and Efficient Gut Healing Journey.

Here’s what you’ll get:
  • 4 month Personalized Program
  • ‘Share Your Story’ Initial Nutrition Assessment (75 minutes)
  • A 1-hour In-Depth Diet Planning Session
  • A 2-hour lab review session
  • 5 check-in sessions (50 minutes each)
  • Consistent accountability with mostly bi-weekly in-person or virtual meetings
  • Specialized testing including Gut Zoomer stool test and DUTCH Plus (cortisol/sex hormone testing) or Micronutrient Testing depending on your case.
  • General Wellness Labs including Full Thyroid Panel, Diabetes Panel, Hematology Panel, and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • A 30% discount off your first order from my professional-grade supplement dispensary, then 20% off always
  • Unlimited support via text through my online portal
  • Optional food and lifestyle tracking for weekly reviews and feedback
  • Full lifetime access to the It Starts in the Gut® course to enhance your journey.


The Personalized Program Journey


Your 4-month journey starts with the ‘Share Your Story’ appointment. During this session, I’ll understand your concerns, health goals, and conduct a comprehensive nutritional assessment.


After registration, we will mail you stool and hormone tests to be done in the comfort of your home. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to receive the test results once completed.


During the test result waiting period, we’ll establish a diet framework tailored to your nutritional requirements and health objectives. We’ll begin by balancing your macros (carbohydrates, protein, fat) to enhance your blood sugar levels and support your hormones effectively. Our focus will be on minimizing inflammatory foods and incorporating anti-inflammatory options. Throughout our collaboration, we’ll continuously refine your nutritional plan to suit your evolving needs.


Once your test results are ready, we’ll thoroughly examine them, pinpoint your underlying causes, and fine-tune your dietary strategy while creating a customized supplement regimen tailored to your specific desired goals.


While optional, you’ll have lifetime access to explore It Starts in the Gut®, my online course and community, to deepen your knowledge of self-healing.


Your body weight is simply a numerical value on a scale, providing no insights into your body’s composition of fat, muscle, or water. For those in living close to Bucks County, if your goal is weight loss, muscle improvement, or fat reduction, we can monitor body composition to gauge your progress effectively.


Upon completing your program, you have the option to continue working with me through my monthly community membership, adding individual sessions as needed, and exploring new or repeat lab testing.

DIY Plan

Are you seeking an affordable and flexible option that accommodates your own timeline? The DIY Plan is a self-guided course that equips you with the tools and knowledge necessary to begin the journey of healing your gut and harmonizing your hormones.

Hybrid Cohort

In need of extra accountability? The Hybrid Cohort provides the motivation you need to successfully implement dietary and lifestyle changes!

Personalized Program

Enjoy tailor-made guidance designed exclusively for you, featuring one-on-one sessions, advanced lab tests, personalized nutritional plans, and ongoing support to transform your gut health and overall well-being.

Course Contentstar icon
Group Q&A Zoom Calls
(weekly for 4 months)
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1:1 Sessions with Audreystar icon
8 Full Nutrition
Counseling Sessions
Specialized Testingstar icon
Includes Gut Zoomer
& DUTCH Plus Tests
Professional Supplement Discount20%
Access to private communitystar icon
Total Price$4197.00
flexible payment
plans available

30 Day Money-Back GUARANTEE!

I like making people happy. If you are not satisfied with the content or quality of the course, feel free to contact me and request a full refund.

Partial refund available to Hybrid and Personalized Programs.

Enroll Today & Receive These Additional Resources!

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Restore balance to your gut microbiome if you are prescribed antibiotics.

Travel-Induced Constipation Protocol

Implement a plan before your next trip to keep your bowels moving while you’re on the go.

freedom from acid blockers protocol

How to safely get off acid-blocking medications (with your doctor’s approval) and get on a plan that addresses the root cause.

how your gut impacts your hormones

Find out why your gut plays a pivotal role in keeping your hormones balanced.


Are the prices of lab tests included in the program?

The Gut Zoomer (stool) and DUTCH Plus (adrenal/sex hormone) tests are included in the program. We may agree on additional tests based on your symptoms and health goals such as a SIBO breath test or nutritional and metabolic bloodwork, which is not included with your initial program investment.

Can I bill insurance for my lab tests?

Please note that specialty labs like Vibrant Wellness (Gut Zoomer) and Precision Analytical Inc. (DUTCH Plus) do not accept insurance for payment, which is why the cost of these tests is included in the total program fee.

During our initial session, I will provide a list of labs that you can request from your medical provider. These labs, including thyroid testing, Vitamin D assessment, and blood sugar metabolism evaluation, may be eligible for insurance coverage. You also have the option to add these labs at a later date if you prefer.

What happens at the end of my 4 month program?

At the conclusion of your 4-month program, I will create a personalized maintenance plan for your continued progress.

You will continue to have lifetime access to the It Starts in the Gut® course materials. If you want to continue to participate in weekly Q&A meetings for ongoing accountability and motivation to sustain your positive eating and lifestyle changes, you can opt for an affordable monthly membership subscription. Additionally, for those seeking private consultations, many individuals choose to meet with me on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for continued support.

How long will it take to start the program?

Upon registration, we will promptly arrange your Share Your Story initial assessment and your In-depth Diet Planning session.

Simultaneously, we will ship the necessary lab tests directly to your location. We strongly recommend completing these tests as soon as possible and shipping them back to the lab. The processing of these tests typically requires a few weeks, and as a result, it may take approximately 3-4 weeks to receive the results.

It Starts in the Gut® success stories

What I really appreciate the most about Audrey is she coaches you and provides you with a clearer understanding of what is going on inside, enabling you to pin point the triggers and help your body do what it was meant to do! 


The time and treatment that I received from Audrey was something I did not find with any other medical professional.  Audrey was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of becoming pregnant.


In just one year of working with Audrey, my digestive symptoms have greatly improved. Audrey has also found the root cause of my problems, which is key to improving your health and healing your gut. Audrey is kind, compassionate, and filled with a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend her!!